• SMILE - and your day changes

Body Moves for a Happy Mindset

These exercises help you to stretch and breathe and confirm positive affirmations:

Release your shoulders

Train your eyes, your shoulders and your humour!

Smile Exercise „Three Warmer“

Bring warm energy into your body, stretch and smile!

Power Poses

Raise your self-confidence and strengthen your inner power

Heart Greeting for Gratitude

Be grateful and open yourself for the gifts of life

The Power of Intention

Find yout intention for the day and confirm it with Power

Power-Breathing „Diamond“

Breathe, raise your inner power and train your posture for self-confidence

These exercises help you to release stress and raise your energy:

Heart Laughter

Connect yourself with the ones you love, your team and yourself!

Goodbye Problems!

Put all your stress and anger into a balloon and send it away!

Brain Gym Laughter

Train your brain and balance right and left part of your brain!


Train your coordination skills, your voice and have fun!

Energy Cocktail

Fill yourself with imaginary ingredients for body and soul

Stress Release

Laugh about all the activities you don’t like and release stress

Background Information: Three Magic Keys for Happiness

1. Don’t wait for the Perfect Day

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything in your life has to be perfect. Even happy incidents – like a new job – only make us happy for a short time. Very soon we get used to it and end up on the same Happiness Level like before. Only 10% of our Happiness Level are made by outer circumstances. True Happiness is built by good relationships, gratitude and moments of joy.

2. Change your Focus

We cannot change everything out there in the world. But we can change the focus which we have on the world and thus change our mindset. Our brain receives 11 million bits of information every second. But the conscious part of our brain only processes 40 Bits of information per second. What we consciously perceive, depends on our former experiences, our values and our beliefs – in other words, our “Mindset”. If we change our Mindset, everything around us starts to change.

3. Train your Brain

Usually, our Emotions are expressed by our Body Postures. More and more studies prove that this also works the other way round. We can influence our emotions and self-confidence by practicing certain body moves and postures. We can raise our level of joy by smiling and laughing.

Facial Feedback studies show that even a pretended smile (eg taking a pen between the lips) raises our Wellbeing and our good Mood. Signals are sent to the brain that we are in good energy, so the brain follows. Many studies prove that laughter is healthy. Even if we practice laughter as an exercise and start it intentionally, withour any joke or comedy. Medical science (“gelotologists”) found out that Happiness Hormones are released when we laugh: Dopamin, Serotonin and Endorphins.

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